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img_0782In these days, when our economies sound like crunching old men ploughing through muddy puddles of throwaway bonuses and leftover budget cuts, I have decided to investigate Matthew’s famous and much quoted 7:7 line. Many years ago, while playing field hockey in an international tournament in Antwerp, late at night, no one left on the dancefloor but me and one or two other enthusiasts, the DJ played Dylan’s song “Knocking on Heaven’s Door“. A Belgian guy started giggling, slightly intoxicated I must admit. ”Ha!”, he shouted, ”they don’t get it. They can wait forever. Today, you have to send a fax to be heard at heaven’s door“. And on he went, giggling. Me included this time. These days, I guess we have to tweet, blog or facebook our way into Heaven. Better still. Send an Instagram photo of my blossoming cherry tree. What do Matthew, my cherry tree and heaven have in common?

Knocking on Heaven’s door

Online, I found two slightly different versions of the Matthew 7:7 line.

  1. The King James Bible version: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”.
  2. The International Standard Version dated 2008: “Keep asking, and it will be given to you. Keep searching, and you will find. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened for you”.

The second one appeals to me. Why? Because its active. It never stops. Asking. Searching. Knocking. And why does that active element appeal to me? Just this week, I read a tweet by pioneer and entrepeneur Olga Louise. She commented on the fact that these days many independent professionals are waiting for ‘it’ to happen. And that being an entrepreneur is not just fun but includes some pretty darn hard work too. From getting up every single day whether you have a job to do or not to doing your administration and going out on a limb to get done what you feel is needed. I agree.

The first one appeals to me too. Why? Because it suggests there is this one single question that will stop all asking. Once asked, ‘it’ can be given and ‘it’ shall be opened unto you. Whenever I muse about the process of stopping, I cannot help but reflect on sayings of great and wise masters of our times. Some long left us, such as Buddha. Some are still with us, such as Gangaji. Her message is to ask this one question. “Who am I?”. When truly answered, we can forever drop all the stories we are constantly creating and telling ourselves with and in our minds.

What then is this “it” that Matthew refers to?

Back to my cherry tree

My cherry tree is blossoming like her life depends on it. And in a way it does. Her beautiful flowers will wither away within a few days and then she can start the arduous task of producing cherries. Last year, I lost the race to all sorts of birds and did not get to eat one cherry. That’s ok. Her blossom is so beautiful that I take pictures almost every day, weather permitting. Her beauty, to me, lies in her BEing. Pure. She is totally undisturbed while going about her task of being a cherry tree. Nothing will get in her way. We may think she is not doing anything at all when she is busy producing cherries but a keen observer will know better. She is alive and kicking!

My cherry tree is a pure BEing. No stories. No mind off on a walk about. No worries. No troubles. Whether or not our economies trot along or not, she will produce cherries. Day in and day out. Year in and year out. Steady. ‘Hard’ working. No waiting for ‘it’ to happen. I believe that this is what Matthew refers to. I believe this ‘it’ that we may be given when we knock on heaven’s door, is our true essence. Our soul if you will. Our reason for being in the first place. And that it’s all about creating Heaven on Earth by being True to our Souls. To answer this one question and realise who we are. True human BE-ings.

Why am I investigating this Matthew quote?


prosperitySimple. These days, one after another book is written about how it should be enough to just ‘will’ your way into success. Create a moodboard. Visualize what you want every day. Sing Ask and Ye shall receive twice a day like a newly adopted mantra.

And though, I am a firm believer in that what we think is what we create.

I also believe that to simply think and not act will not do the trick. Creation is action.

That’s why I agreed with Olga’s tweet. It was a wake up call for me! Action.

There are quite a few things which I like to create, do, act upon. And somehow, having worked hard for a long time, renovating my home and taking a break from ‘doing’, I landed possibly a little too deep in the world of ‘being’. I was not entirely waiting for ‘it’ to happen but I was certainly not actively creating ‘it’.

Coincidently, this week I missed my exit three times!

I found myself cruising along beautiful country roads to catch up to where I needed to be but some focus does not hurt ;)

My investigation now is into how I can combine the two!

How, now, to combine

the wonders of BEing with the wonders of DOing?

How to ensure there is sufficient space and silence inside of me

to listen to the answer to the question ‘who am I?’

While. At the same time.

Be successful as an independent professional, create a prosperous life for myself and those around me and give of myself freely, everything there is to give.

How to combine Matthew’s ‘ask’ with ‘keep asking’?

Combine finding with giving?

That is what I am investigation as we speak.

Underneath all this asking, searching and giving lies receiving.

Am I willing to Receive?

Am I able to receive? Truly receive? Myself. Life.

Abundance. Wonders. My own cherries?


My cherry tree will share her gifs around August.

Or is it very easy, dear Kermit?

Dear Kermit, You are Perfect!

When will I “receive” the gift of my true Self? Or have I already ’cause I AM?

Are we all sharing our true Self with the world? All the time? Or only once a year, e.g. in August? Do we wait till we are absolutely perfect? Or are we ok to live, receive, give, act, do all there is to do even if it is not perfect?

That was and is my wake-up call this week. Create! Act!

Coincidentally the week of my birth-day. Ha! One of life’s cute synchronicities!

For my Dutch audience. Read this beautiful blogpost by Dutch jazz saxophone player Tom Beek in which he shares that he can never be perfect. The only thing he can do is to be Totally Present.

I so agree. And not being perfect does not stop him from making music. Nor should it stop me!

Maybe besides asking it is time that we give. Give of what we have. Our Selves.

Like my cherry tree.

Whether her flowers are perfect or not, she gives of herself freely! Every year. Every day! Without hesitation.

Happy asking & Happy giving!

And as always, feel invited to share, rate, tweet or comment on this post.

Or if you feel like it, suggest a topic you like to see me write about!

Ciao Madeleine

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